Rose Garden PhotographsMarie (Burdick) Roper was born on August 8, 1875, in Pueblo, Colorado, the daughter of Ellen and William Burdick. Her father was a jeweler by trade who had been born in New York.

Marie married Dr. Ralph Jay Roper a native of Illinois on November 26, 1899, in Orange County, California. The Ropers came to Prescott, Arizona the next day. Dr. Roper was born in Illinois, the son of John J. & Eraminta (Paine) Roper. Ralph had become a dentist. He had graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School.

The Ropers had two children: Leland Roper, who later became an electrician in Prescott, and Ruth (Mrs. Albert Lee) Moore. Ruth and her husband moved to San Francisco, California.  Ruth remembered Marie saying many times that the smartest thing they ever did was to move to Prescott.

Marie was a talented homemaker, excellent cook, housekeeper, seamstress, artist and an accomplished musician. Marie was helpful in all community projects and played an active role in St. Luke's Episcopal Church and the Guild. She was also a member of the Monday Club.  Mr. Roper was a former "Chief" of the “Smoki” people and Rotary Club president and retired in 1935.

Marie died on March 8, 1961, in her home at 133 South Mt. Vernon in Prescott's Historic District, and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Prescott, Arizona.

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