Rose Garden PhotographsMary “Elizabeth” (Aughey) Young Collinson was born in Canada October 31, 1840. The exact place of birth and her parents are unknown.

At a young age she married Joseph Young, and they had five children-- four boys and one girl.  Reportedly only two children survived to adulthood.  George Henry was born March 1868 and Leonard Bingham was born April 1872 in London, Ontario, Canada. 

In the 1870s, Elizabeth Young worked as a hospital matron with the 5th U.S. Cavalry in Camp Verde, Yavapai County, Arizona Territory.  According to George W. Hance of the Verde Valley, she worked in that capacity under Drs. Steigers, Pindell, Ensign, Burton, Choakhite and Roark. 

She also married again during this time, becoming the wife of Gibson Collinson on January 1, 1880, in the Lower Verde, Yavapai County, Arizona Territory.  Elizabeth and her sons George H., age twelve, and Leonard, age ten, were living with Gibson at Camp Verde when the 1880 census was taken.  The boys were using their stepfather’s surname.

Elizabeth worked as a hospital matron until the military post in Camp Verde was abandoned in 1890.  Then she became a practical nurse for people in the area.

When the census was taken in June 1900, Elizabeth was once again using the surname of her first husband, Young.  Sons George H. and Len were residing with her in the Lower Verde Valley, Arizona Territory.

Elizabeth died September 14, 1905.  Her obituary in the Arizona Journal Miner on September 17, 1905, described her: “Mrs. Young, generally known as ‘Grandma Young,’ died yesterday at Camp Verde.  Mrs. Young was one of the pioneer residents in the territory and was well known for her good work in nursing the soldiers during the war with the Indians.  Grandma Young was an inveterate smoker.  Those who have attended the dances at Camp Verde will remember with how much alacrity she would go through a quadrille, then sit down in a corner and smoke her pipe.  Her death is chiefly due to old age.”  After her death, her sons continued to live in the Verde Valley.

Elizabeth was a member of the Methodist Church, and she was buried in the Clear Creek Cemetery Plot f-2-7.

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