986-989 - Albert William "Bill" Bork, 16 Sep, 1993, Transcript: Yes and Digitized: Yes



Oral History
Interviewee:  Albert William "Bill" Bork (b. 08/12/1906 – d. 03/30/2006)
Interviewer:  Mona McCroskey
Audio Number:  986-989
Duration:  02:01:07 & 01:28:03
Date:  September 16, 1993 and September 23, 1993
Topics Discussed:  Bork family histories, Shanberger family c.1874, carnivals and circuses in Prescott, Klu Klux Klan, 1918 flu epidemic, Yavapai Club, Smoki history, Bert Tilton, Park Avenue c.1915, Daniel Hatz Family c.1864, statehood celebration, foreign language teaching policies in the United States c.1940s