986-989 - Albert William "Bill" Bork, 16 Sep, 1993, Transcript: Yes and Digitized: Yes


Oral History
Interviewee:  Albert William "Bill" Bork (b. 08/12/1906 – d. 03/30/2006)
Interviewer:  Mona McCroskey
Audio Number:  986-987 & 988-989
Duration:  02:01:07 & 01:28:03
Date:  September 16, 1993 & September 23, 1993
Topics Discussed:  Bork, Hatz & Shanberger Family Histories; Prescott Snowstorm, January 6, 1915; Circuses in Prescott; First Congregational Church; Old Ball Park; Captain John Kinney; Klu Klux Klan in Prescott; Chinese; Pre-1916 Yavapai County Courthouse – Statehood Celebration; Bork’s Grandfather built Governor’s Mansion and managed Pioneer Hotel, 1882; 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic; Newspaper Office Locations; Yavapai Club; Smoki History, 1921-1990s; A.H. Favour “Old Bill Williams” book; Foreign Language teaching policies in U.S., 1940s; Naming of Paar Drive; Chris Totten; Boy Scouts and Sharlot Hall.