977 - Pat (Wallis) Black Zimmerman, 17 Jun, 1993, Transcript: Yes and Digitized: Yes


Patrica "Pat" (Wallis) Zimmerman a native of Prescott and member of the Wallis pioneer family.  Pat lived in Phoenix for most of her adult life and worked as a emergency room and trauma nurse in a Phoenix hospital. She began taking stained glass art classes which where a respite from her stressful medical career.  After she retired, Pat began working with wood and took up tole painting as well.  She ended up establishing a small art studio for herself in Paulden, Arizona.  Later she joined the High Desert Artist's Group. (No Photo Found)


Oral History
Interviewee:  Patricia "Pat" (Wallis) Zimmerman (b. 05/13/1930 – d. xx/xx/xxxx)
Interviewer:  Mona McCroskey
Audio Number:  977
Duration: 00:59:24
Date:  June 17, 1993
Topics Discussed:  Wallis family history, Burmister House at 218 E. Gurley St., John C. Lincoln Hospital (1978-1985), the Morrell Family, Sam Rosser's Ranch, Prescott Heights, and Highland Park