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Roberta Akin was born January 11, 1927 in Clifton, Arizona. During her childhood her family moved frequently working for mines in Arizona. Her parents divorced, but after her father's remarriage, the family continued to travel for work. She attended several schools, graduating from Phoenix Union High School. Her family purchased property in 1946 in Chino Valley and she lived there until 1949. She worked at Valley National Bank in downtown Prescott. 

She married Charles Akin (b. July 6, 1923 - d.May 19, 1992) in 1947. They left Prescott in 1949. Charles had various jobs until they settled in Phoenix, Arizona in 1960. He remained in the Naval Reserve after leaving Prescott. After settling in Phoenix he worked as a barber and she worked at Goodyear Aerospace. He owned a barber shop at the old Park Central Mall in Phoenix, one of the first malls in the city. After retirement in 1985 they moved to Chino Valley. Her husband passed away and she has stayed with her daughter Suzanne. Roberta has four children: Charlene (b. January 10, 1948), Samuel (b. May 24, 1952), and Robert (b. June 25, 1955). Samuel died as an infant approximately 8 months of age from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

She has always been active in bowling, playing tennis and golf. She also has a love for quilting. Roberta has been a Lions Club Lioness and for many years volunteered and worked for the Senior Center in Chino Valley.

Oral History
Interviewee:  Roberta Blanche (York) Akin (b. 07/11/1927 – d. xx/xx/xxxx)
Interviewer:  Dr. Jim McCarver
Audio Number:  1629
Duration: 01:08:46
Date:  September 16, 2019
Topics Discussed: York family history, marriage to Charles Akin, Chino Valley and Prescott 1940s to present, Prescott Plastic company