14 - Westerners Presentation - Dudley Gordon, 5 Apr, 1967, Transcript: No and Digitized: Yes


The Westerners International was founded in 1944 and has over sixty corrals or chapters in the United States, and twenty corrals abroad, with over 4,000 members around the globe. Corrals generally meet monthly for camaraderie and interesting programs on all aspects of Western history.  The award winning Prescott Corral was founded in 1962 as an affiliate of Westerners International, an organization dedicated to the preservation of the real history of the American West.  The Prescott Corral holds a dinner meeting each month with a thirty to forty minute presentation on a selected Western History topic. These programs are very popular, with usually 60 to 100 members and guests attending.  The Prescott Corral archives it presentations with the Sharlot Hall Museum Library & Archives.  This audio recording is one of many programs. 


Westerners Presentation
Title:  Sharlot M. Hall & Charles Lummis
Presenter:  Dudley Gordon
Audio Number:  14
Duration:  01:02:46
Date of Presentation:  April 5, 1967