1341 - George R. Allan, Jr., 9 Nov, 2000, Transcript: Yes and Digitized: Yes


George R. Allan, Jr. (b. 1925 – d. 2006) was born September 5, 1925 in Phoenix, Arizona, the son of George and Eleanor (Cotton) Allan.  He was also known as George R. Allan X, as he was the tenth in a line of George Allans.  He served his country during the World War II (WWII) as a pilot. Upon graduation from the University of Denver, he became an Architect and is credited with the design of Prescott’s City Hall, Prescott High School, Taylor Hicks Elementary School, as well as many other prominent buildings and residences. He was a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Unity Church, the Smoki, and Alcoholic Anonymous.  George enjoyed art, archaeology, nature and exploring untraveled dirt roads.  George passed away on November 8, 2006 in Prescott. 



Oral History
Interviewee:  George R. Allan, Jr. (b. 09/19/1925 - d. 11/08/2006)
Interviewer:  Sylvia Neely
Audio Number:  1341 (also see 1251-1253)
Duration: 01:00:23
Date:  November 9, 2000
Topics Discussed: Prescott Public Schools History, which includes information regarding Miller Valley, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Abia Judd Elementary Schools, and Prescott High School.