1164-1165 - Samuel Richardson "Dick" Allan, 21 Nov, 1996, Transcript: Yes and Digitized: Yes


Samuel Richardson "Dick” Allan (b. 1927 - d. 2009) was born September 21, 1927 in Phoenix, Arizona, and was the son of Eleanor (Cotton) and George R. Allan, Jr.  He spent the majority of his life in Prescott, graduating in 1948 from Prescott High School and then working for the phone company.  He loved horses and worked in the family's greenhouse and flower shop business.  He was a member of the Westerners and a life member of the Sharlot Hall Museum.  He died in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 11, 2009.






Oral History
Interviewee:  Samuel Richardson "Dick" Allan (b. 09/21/1927 - d. 06/22/2009)
Interviewer:  Mona McCroskey
Audio Number:  1164-1165
Duration: 01:00:16
Date:  November 21, 1996
Topics Discussed:  The Samuel Richardson "Dick" Allan family and the Allan's Nursery & Flower Shop