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A group photo of the Elks Lodge members on the steps of second Yavapai County Courthouse located on the Prescott city plaza or square. 

Text from descriptions accompanying photo: "B. P. O. E. Prescott Lodge #330. On steps of the old court house before December 1902 [before February 1902]:

Top to bottom – left to right:

H. W. (Herb) Pentland, druggist at Brisley Drug Company

Joe K. Campbell, cattleman [stockman]

Clyde A. Watson, clerk at J. I. Gardner Store

William W. (Billy) Vanderbilt, saloonkeeper [at this time Mining Promoter]

J. D. (Sure Shot) Moore, [part] owner Prescott Electric Light & Power

Second row:

James H. Dillon, owner Cigar Store [proprietor]

“Big” George Walker, mining man [miner]

John Burke, type setter and bartender

H. H. (Barney) Smith, part owner, Palace Hotel and Bar Ed A. Kastner, part owner, Shepard and Kastner

Third row:

J. A, Rokahl, saloonkeeper [Gus Williams]

Frank E. Andrews, blacksmith and horseshoer

Jake W. Weber, blacksmith and horseshoer [J. J. Brooks]

William (Billy) Thomas, superintendent of county hospital

[Ed. A. Roberts, bartender at Palace Bar]

Al Brow, bartender, Palace Bar Reese M. Ling, Attorney at Law

Fourth row:

Henry D. Ross, Attorney at Law

Steve A. Prince, chief of police (wearing soft hat, just below Ross)

W. E. Gilmore, electrician Prescott Electric Light & Power Company [Lineman, Prescott Electric Company]

Ed A. Roberts, bar tender, Palace Bar

[William (Billy) Thomas, Superintendent County Hospital]

T. Ed Litt, druggist, Brisley Drug Company

Dr. T. B. Davis, M. D.

Fifth row:

Jack P. Bander, manager Voge Wholesale Liquor Company

William (Billy) McCrea, bartender at Palace Bar

Al L. [T.] Marsh, saloonkeeper [bartender]

Herman Voge, owner Voge Wholesale Liquor Company

Joe E. Morrison, Attorney

Sixth row:

D. J. Sullivan, shoemaker and mining promoter (wearing soft hat)

George C. Ruffner, ex-sheriff, owner Plaza Stables

Henry Brinkmeyer, owner Brinkmeyer’s Hotel and Bakery

Dr. J. R. Walls, M. D.

Ben M. Belcher, part owner, Palace Hotel and Bar

Information from Henry Hartin: The photo with silk or plug hats was taken on the Old Court House steps a short time before February 1, 1902. I base the date on the following: H. W. Pentland on the top step at extreme left was City Treasurer and he passed away in January 1902 and I was elected at a special election to fill the unexpired term in February 1902. I was well acquainted with all of the Elks shown in the picture."

[Brackets indicate discrepancies]


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