Two Apache Indian Women


Erwin Baer, Photographer Unknown ina0137p.jpg IN-A-0137 B&W 1500-0137-0000 ina0137p Photo Card Print 5x7 Historic Photographs 1890s Reproduction requires permission. Digital images property of SHM Library & Archives


Two Apache Indian women wearing camp dresses, beaded necklaces and silver mirrored pendants.

The Apache camp dress itself was born out of convenience. After Apaches came into contact with the Mexicans and whites, and had access to cloth through trade, they opted to use light, comfortable cottons in replacement of their heavy leathers, releasing some of their burden in the summer heat.

Apache women historically wore a number of necklaces simultaneously, from chokers to strung beads of abalone and other shells, turquoise, jet, stones, glass beads, and certain seeds, such as mountain laurel seeds and even plant roots. Necklaces often feature abalone shell pendants.  When trade beads became available from Europeans and European-Americas, Apache women began wearing several layers of string glass bead necklaces. Mirrors obtained from traders were also worn as pendants, or woven into vests and other clothing items.


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