Apache Scouts at Camp Verde


D.F. Mitchell Unknown ina0104p.jpg IN-A-104 Sepia 1500-0104-0000 ina0104p Stereograph Print 3.5x7.5 Historic Photographs 1877 Reproduction requires permission. Digital images property of SHM Library & Archives


Seven men of Company B, Army Indian Scouts, probably the non-commissioned officers at Camp Verde, Arizona, c1877. Mickey Free stands second from the right. The man on the extreme right may be Sergeant Dick, alias Hava-quel.

Mickey Free, aka Felix Ward, Felix Telles (born c1849, died 1914)

In 1861 at the age of 12, Felix Ward was kidnapped  by the Arivaipai Apache. Around 1864, he was traded to a White Mountain Apache group where he where he was adopted, learning their language and ways. In 1871, he joined the Army scouts along with other Apaches where he was assigned the name, Mickey Free. He was posted to Camp Verde where he served with General Crook as a scout and interpreter.

After leaving the Army, Free moved to the Fort Apache Indian Reservation with the remainder of the White Mountain Apache Scouts and where he lived out the rest of his life until his death in 1914.

Source: Book - "Apache Book Two: Women, Warriors, Scouts, and Heroes"  by Toby Giese


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