Prescott High School


Unknown Unknown bus5014pe.jpg S-5014 B&W 1408-5014-0004 bus5014pe Print 6x9 Historic Photographs 1910s Reproduction requires permission. Digital images property of SHM Library & Archives


Group of students pictured include the following (all left to right):

First row - Henry Brinkmeyer Jr., Martin Piper, Ralph Bell, Roy Richards, Chester Crawford, Kenneth Beatson, Lorion Rief, Willie Jacobs, Thomas Ross, Myrtle Stevens, Duglass Aitken, Irene Hesla, Clay (?) Paul, Frances Hurtsler, Erving Tribby, Carrie Heisler, Roena Demming, Ruth Haisley Paul, Ernestine (?) Nash, Susie Mahoney Crose, Vega Mekota, Blanch Wallingford, Miss Gibbs (Mrs. Frank Hart) - teacher, Wilamena King, Margarette Stevens, Vera Crumb, Fern Harbinson, Gladys Hathaway, and Frank Hart.

Second row - Albert Crawford, Robert Burmister, Ralph Howard, George Merritt, Evert Mead, Peter McNulty, William Loyd, Charles McFain, Mable Stevens, Irma Riebling (?) Crawford, Nidia Acker, Jimmy Farley, Marion Dowdna, and Maud Henry.

Third row - Homer Clark, Paul Ankley (?), Miley Dumming (?), Ernest Love, Howel Payne, David Levy, Harold Brisley, Clarence (?) Burmister, Ola Douglas, Leslie Morrison, Francis Howard, Evelyn Fox, Olive Haisley, Helen Hathaway, Alma Cousins, Jean Elliott, Margarette Levy, Hallie Herman, Marcella Brinkmeyer, Mary Richards, Grace Cousins, and Ann Wallingford.


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